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War takes pride in our sportsmanship and non toxic environment. We do not tolerate elitist, toxic, or cocky behavior. Even if in a passive aggressive manner this can and most likely will get you removed if accepted into the guild….

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Challenge Us

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Premade Team or Guild Name *Nothing Offensive, Disrespectful or Demeaning.Game restrictionsStump JumpingPotions (excluding swiftness and resource pots)ElixirsDrums of WarResource boostersSwiftness PotionsShadowpan Reputation ToysFrag BeltsRestrict certain mechanics from being used in game. (Using any checked features will disqualify a team, granting... Read more

Apply to War

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Character Name *BattleTag *Email *Race *HumanDwarfGnomeNight ElfDraeneiWorgenPandarenLightforged DraeneiVoid ElfDark Iron DwarfClass *WarriorPaladinHunterShamanRogueDruidMonkPriestWarlockMageSpec *Current Server *Social Skills *ShySocialFunLife of the partyRather not answerIf none match, just post more about yourself in the description section below.Are you best in slot or close... Read more