author image by Xiffy | 0 Comments | February 26, 2019

War takes pride in our sportsmanship and non toxic environment. We do not tolerate elitist, toxic, or cocky behavior. Even if in a passive aggressive manner this can and most likely will get you removed if accepted into the guild.

We all have opinions whether religious, political, or other.
Do not bring your personal views into the guild if they are not welcomed.
This includes sexual preferences. If you are straight bisexual or gay, don’t push your agenda on others.
Jokes are welcome but try not to offend other players.

This is not a safe space.
If you can not take a joke, or are easily offended, do not apply. You will most likely be removed if problems persist.
Even though we do not tolerate toxic behavior humor is very welcome, and encouraged. If you easily confuse humor with being toxic, again do not apply.

Aside from the above stated rules, just have common sense.